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Leticia Gomez has been working in the publishing industry since 1993. During this span of time, she has authored and published two books, edited numerous fiction and nonfiction manuscripts written in both English and Spanish that have gone on to publication. She is also a highly skilled literary translator.

Her professional writing career began in 1993 when she and a friend launched "El Voceador", a bilingual newspaper that served the Southeastern New Mexico and West Texas Panhandle area.

After a three year stint as the newspaper's associate publisher and editor, she resigned from her duties to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a full-time bilingual novelist. Along the way she has worked as a journalist, entertainment and technical writer, translator, talk show host, and columnist.

Her Latino-themed stories and articles have been published in the Albuquerque Journal, Denver Post, Alive Magazine, Senior Highlights Magazine, New Mexico Magazine, Quick Frozen Foods International Magazine, Estylo Magazine, Que Linda Magazine, Hispanic Monthly, Ageless Times Monthly, and Houston Maturity.

"Sweet Destiny" her debut romance novel was published in March, 2001, by Kensington Publishing Corp. as part of its Encanto Romance imprint. She also co-authored Countries of the World Series: Bolivia which was published in 2004 by Times Limited Publishing in association with Gareth Stephens Publishing. More recently her short story Three Little Words was selected for publication in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Celebrating Brothers and Sisters.

At the present time, she owns and operates Savvy Literary Services, a full-service literary agency that specializes in the Latino book market. The prime directive of her agency is to represent Latino and other minority writers since they are among the most underrepresented in the publishing industry today. Leticia offers professional literary representation in both English and Spanish. At this time she represents about 15 authors.

Leticia Gomez currently resides in The Woodlands, Texas, with her husband who is a Structural Engineer and two children, Zakaria, 9 and Yasmine, 7.

Book Editing and Proofreading Projects

* Kill the Editor - John R. Irby, American Book Publishing, 2003

* Deadly Satellites - Edward Crenshaw, American Book Publishing, 2003

* Something Lyrical for the Night - H.M. Cooper, American Book Publishing, 2004

* Culture Shock! - Paul Badeau, American Book Publishing, 2005

*Chicken Soup for the Latino Soul - Health Communications, 2005

*The Chronos Project - Marc Anthony Rios, Blu'Phier Publishing, 2006

* Negro in Nam - Michael Bernoudy, Blu'Phier Publishing, 2005

* How to Find and Keep a Good Man - Alex Wright, Winning Media Concepts, 2005

* Mi Amor Para Siempre - Jeff Rivera, Joanne/Horatio Books, 2005

* Reinventing Lucy - Eve Lopez, 2006

* Secrets of Hawking Manor - Werner H. Manke, American Book Publishing, 2006

* Cupid's Day Off (Screenplay)- Suzanne Gillis, 2006

*The Monastery Murders - Karen Hammond, 2006

* Senior Housing (Screenplay) - Luke Seven, 2006

* Mother Load (Screenplay) - Suzanne Gillis, 2006

* In-Between (Screenplay) - Suzanne Gillis, 2006

* Mr. Anonymous (Screenplay) - Suzanne Gillis, 2006

* The Game Keeper (Screenplay) - Suzanne Gillis, 2006

* Under My Skin (Screenplay) - Suzanne Gillis, 2006

* Welcome to Happy Grove (Screenplay) - Suzanne Gillis, 2006

* Divas Don't Yield - Sofia Quintero, Ballantine Publishing Group, 2006

* The Writer's Inside Guide to Character Traits - Linda Edelstein, Writer Digest Books, 2006

* Amor Por Toda la Eternidad - R.K. Relan, RKR Publishing, 2007

* The Snake and the Crane (Screenplay) - Stephen Iacullo, 2007

* The Ethnic Presidency: How Race Decides the Race to the White House - Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Middle Passage Press, 2007

* The Playskool Potty Training Guide - Karen Deerwester, Ed.S. Sourcebooks, 2008

* Your Ultimate Personality Quiz Book - Dr. Dorothy McCoy, Sourcebooks, 2008

* I Wasn't Ready to Say Goodbye - Brook Noel and Pamela D. Blair, Ph.D., Sourcebooks, 2008

* I Wasn't Ready to Say Goodbye Workbook - Brook Noel and Pamela D. Blair, Ph.D., Sourcebooks, 2008

* The Best Bay Area Sports Argument Book - Cam Inman, Sourcebooks, 2008

* How the GOP Can Keep the White House, How the Democrats Can Take It Back - Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Middle Passage Press, 2008

* Cartagena Paper Girl - Iris Gomez, 2008

* Today Inside Out (Screenplay) - Anabela Zigova, 2008

* Father Sun (Screenplay) Luke Seven, 2008 

* Lifting the Veil in the Therapy Room, Barbara Hall, Ph.D, 2009

List of Book Sales

* Before You Say I Do, Again! - Benjamin H. Berkley, Frederick Fell Publishers, September 2009
*Havana Top Secret - David Pereda, Eternal Press, May, 2009 
Little Hot Mama: The Flossie Turner Lewis Story - Flossie Turner Lewis and Paula Meseroll, Amazon Kindle Book, Stay Thirsty Press, July 2010.
Carnaval of Memories - Yocasta Fareri, Amazon Kindle Book, Schiller and Wells, October 2010.
Carnaval de Recuerdos - Yocasta Fareri, Amazon Kindle Book, Schiller and Wells, October 2010.
The Awakening, Ednah Walters, Pill Hill Press, September 2010.
The Industry, Rose J. Foster, HarperCollins Australia, September 2011.
The Estate, Rose J. Foster, HarperCollins Australia, June 2012
The Chase, Rose J. Foster, HarperCollins Australia, March 2013
Spirit Seeker, Jamie Haden, Pill Hill Press, Spring of 2011